• Linda Marie


I am of the scar clan

wearing propeller markings

made by my only predator

a close human kinship and yet

elephants are my closest relatives

My true home a wise water world

rivers bays canals estuararies and

coastal aqueous nurturing natural

I love my solitude as self caring

but also I play well with others

I am a gentle giant Mother

I am a Womanatee

I teach my sweet baby to rise up

To the surface learning to breathe

and then to find good food to eat

I teach by example sample

I Am a reminder to slow down go down

a pathway faring five miles an hour where

stillness tends to serious things necessary

perceiving truth beneath a shiny exterior

I Am equally poised to make room for playing

a play righting all the misguided wrongs

feeling pure joy as a birthright calling

on the symbolic language of frolicking

where restful restoration resurfaces again

and again I Am Nature therefore I Am

rich with precious equilibrium within

swimming in the heart of a primordial soup

a soup so very good for soul renewal

Linda Marie

1 February 2021

Inspired by the Rev. Candace McKibben’s article about manatee in

Tallahassee Democrat January 30, 2021


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