• Linda Marie Cossa

winter solstice

lessening of the light

reveals sweet dreams or fright

the endarkenment embraced

restores enlightenment’s face

touchstone road to atonement

death begins this very moment

demise of one thing brings dawning of some other

as one line of poetry leads to another

“inner conviction” cried the hermit waving his hands

“cycles of awakening” whispered the night watchman

truth said “yes, yes, as long as you are garbed

in humility and simplicity ― humility and simplicity

those acrobats dangling from thread of fate

and one foot from the grave is heaven’s gate

up from the underworld spring will come

sometimes early, sometimes late”

dark ebony feels like a slow time lapse

as universe expands beyond our grasp

when night crawls longer, each day grows shorter

blurring stretching our personal borders

endarkenment out there and in here

this most transformational

blackest beauty time of year

Linda Marie © 2020


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