• Linda Marie

w​hat city is progressive green and black with white supremacy all over it?

Linda Marie 23 July 2020

the hissing begins late at night

i hear it i feel it i know it history hissing repeats itself justified and recycled routine i cannot take it anymore i scream renewable energy sustainable hate crimes breaks all natural laws known to humankind the established order belief boot kicks eyes Wide open to gun shots of white entitlement tradition repeats brutal birth of our nation swept under rugs designed by lily whitewashed lies Aaron Campbell unarmed Black Man shot in the back do something say something this has to stop i must do something or i shall go insane words as a weapon i march in protest for You this is the moment to penetrate their gaze their breath of sadistic supremacy cruelty we must rewrite this story reclaim soul integrity this is the moment of accountability today this is the moment to penetrate their gaze must not look away if not now then yesterday all of our children are asleep in the other room how can we face them with this truth in feb 2010. could have been a city anywhere USA (I have lived in ten) but I wrote this grief poem in Portland, Oregon on the 10t​ h​ of february, 2010.


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