• grant peeples

Three Things We Can See Clearly Now

I. Things will never

“Get back to normal”

Because things were never


We had each just settled

Into our own personal

Acceptance of the absurd

II, No, we are no more adrift now than ever

Though presently our eyes have somewhat opened

And through the mist of our former illusions

We see more of the grand dimension:

This tempest on the roiling sea

And…just how small our boat is

How small the boat has always been

Heeled over in the weather

Always listing, always laden

While always navigating

Between the shoals toward the sirens

III. Time is its own definition

There has never been any hope for the future

But the present is pregnant with it:

The honey drizzle into one’s morning tea

The songbirds singing

The laughter of a child

These are real and these are True

Joy is forever

All the dread will die with us

grant peeples March 18, 2020


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