• Avis Veronica Simmonds

The Wind

Can you see the wind in the trees?

It’s dancing into hysteria!

It’s swaying, gyrating, moving the leaves in the trees

It’s circling around my body, controlling my garment, lifting my skirt, exposing me. The wind has gone mad moving in a swirl.

It’s bringing down trees, collapsing buildings, it’s making life miserable for me.

It’s the storm after the calm; it’s tearing apart a city like politics of the day; the wind has gone a-wall like the leaders of today. Come back oh calming wind, come back and dance calmly with me.

It’s jumping up, taking the kites up into the sky

It’s lifting covers off the garbage bins, making frizbys across the open plains – Calm down or boisterous wind!

Make wind music in my ears, whisper a lover’s song in my ears

Cool the moisture on my brow as I relax under the palm trees on a hot Caribbean night. Let me fall asleep to the gentle Trade winds in the arms of my love. Peace be Still or Wind!


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