• Linda Marie

The Reenchantment of the World

we must love the earth for nothing else matters

environmentally concerned awakening empathy

art of living naturally is nourishment

co-creativity as social responsibility

when we cooperate connect relate

with the music of the universe we

do not need a new bloody revolution

to merge with unfolding evolution

genetic memory ancestral animal chain

woven into cells of the body and brain

nature an ecstatic living presence in us

a teeming beaming  elemental intelligence

imagination myth dream vision

moves us between the two worlds

ritual signifies that something

more is going on than meets the eye

archetypal tale sign and symbol story time

a cap of feathers a cloak of color participates

evolving in the spiral dance of embracing

the restorative reenchantment of the world

our origin story an everchanging work of art

flowing and growing in diversity and mystery

performance art weaving a webbing divine like

a prayer sound in the round made of light

Linda Marie

09 May 2020


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