• Linda Marie

The Hallow and the Ween, a holy imagining

By Linda Marie 12 Oct 2020

Samhain sweet cakes trick or treat celtic halloween

fairies whisper “children are the future luminaries”

a full moon blood moon celebrates earth life renewed

summer’s end turns cool goes round sun’s 360 view

The betwixt and the between two hallowed seasons

autumn wastes away to winter’s waning dying day

a darkling earth curving a new year traveling

equinox to solstice journey white candles burning

underworld form behind form knocks on portal door

the past falls to decay embraces worn old and gray

the veil grows thin with wings letting all souls in

remembering both worlds in which we die to live

a rising crimson cauldron conjures up spirits calling

a priestess crone with a lapas manalis ancestral stone

stirs a stew toil and boil an alchemical brew finale

a seer she destroys and dissolves blackhearted misogyny

yew tree and opal tourmaline guards the exit entrance

a passageway gate of the dying and dead crossing over

two world circles overlap interlace creating an oval

a holy yoni consecrates self christened vesica pisces

festive feast of the dead a living memory keepsake

in a crevice crack bringing to pass an eternal return

black cats and owls and bats are not afraid to Be

Becoming darkness into the light of souls retrieved

boundaries grow dim in divination’s endarkenment

summer’s end to winter’s eve an enlightenment begins

a scorpio heavenly quantum leaping relationship

we and the sun moon and the earth in cosmic unity


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