• Victor Johnson a.k.a. Birdman313


Watching tiny snowflakes float like diamond crystals on a

cold winter morning.

Winter has some redeeming qualities.

Snowflakes leave the sky as they fall

gently down onto the bare tree limbs.

Animals sleep through the winter as many humans also sleep more.

The sun shines brightly while looking out your bedroom window

as the snowflakes fall gently to the ground.

On the edge of the freezing weather, the sky is overcast with some clouds.

Dancing white snowflakes fall from the sky

fluttering and glistening in moonlight.

As other snowflakes fall silently, people stretch

out their tongues to taste their wetness.

When the snowbanks build up, it’s time to light up the fireplace,

put on warm slippers, a cozy blanket, and read a book.

Put on some smooth JAZZ while sipping some hot chocolate, a glass of wine,

or a stiff drink, as snowflakes fall softly swirling down

to their destination, ground zero.


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