• Samiri Hernández Hiraldo

Positivist Magic



I once swallowed your hair


To get something easier out of you


Sometime later I taped a rusty pin on my exhausted back


To load you into my oblivion


The tape goes completely worn 


Every square moon I blow wet petals




I found on the Internet


Your name by an excavating Ice Maiden chance


After a shot of “long time no see”


Almost like the school boys of France


In front of the old cave paintings in Lascaux—


All I got was untouchable sapiensis.


Homo texter 


Heavy green massive mountains 


are being severely scraped,


their deepest writing carved, printed, traced 


typed as if cursive in exchange 


of what, to the comma, the period, 


the texting, the text, or the texter? 




After a tenacious attempt


to awaken shrunken rocks unnoticed by linear time,


I thought I had self-inflicted


the impossible, highly predicted, long time prophesied


I was persuaded back to the enormous consolation


going after the possible one step ahead, freshly nested.


My eyes got weary & sleepy,


unlike the rocks, unlike their early morning feathers.


Samiri Hernández Hiraldo ©2021


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