• Avis Veronica Simmonds


Our Voting Rights must stand the test again

The foundation has been laid and we are still fighting after all the gains

Our generation's future must not be impeded, it will be a shame

We are whole women and men in this country - the whole world over

We must continue the fight for our Civil Rights are at stake

We won't look back, there is dust on the tracks with blood stains too on the path

The race has been long as our ancestors took the gun on the run

The lynching, the water hose, the beatings, the marks are on our backs

Let us stand our ground for the battle is for the strong

Congressman Lewis, he was there; he knows the price! 

He has footprints in Selma and Washington for our youth to toe and walk in line and stand up for our God given Rights

For this America is a country that should know about Human Rights, we advocate for it on other shores afar, let us honor it on our shores, as we take our Voting Rights to the pole. We need Equal Rights and Justice!

Avis Veronica Simmonds

Words on Wings 

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