• Linda Marie

Lilith and the Lily by Linda Marie, 15 June 2020

on a tablet from Ur 2000 BC

the divine lady "Baalat" Lilith

she "Lillake" a canaanite forced

into patriarchal social construct

Adam married Lilith because he

had grown tired of beastiality

male superior sexual assertion

a missionary position

was not Lilith's cup of herbal garden tea

she sneered at his sexual crudity

oh what a lousy lover was he

she cursed him and flew away

to her home by the Red Sea

Lilith Astarte Sumero-Babylonian creation Goddess

holds the lily sacred a passover passion flower

similar to yoni holy and the French

fleur-de-lis and Irish shamrock green

symbols from Indus Valley 6000 BC

Lilith of a thousand and one names

eternal refrain free to come and go

same as nature knows both timeliness

and timelessness of strong passionate

earth women in a world governed by men

Lilith will never be conquered contained

for she worships the many different diverse

females who live within every one woman

from crone returning back to her youth she Lilith vibrates urgency into truth


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