• Cynthia Rose


Spring showers brought more than rain

Coronavirus brought with it world pain

China was hit hard in the first act

Next came Italy and the world took a step back

The U.S. of A - - was slow to react

Letting each state plan its mode of attack

This unseen enemy changed like a chameleon each day

While some leaders ran out of cohesive words to say

And others raged at the man called 45

Pleading for aid to help keep us all alive

Stimulus checks still late to arrive

Stock market taking a giant nose dive

Jobs lost, businesses closed, but beaches reopen

Wear a mask, stay indoors, but keep on spending and hoping

For a miracle cure called a new vaccine

All things touted as good aren’t what they seem

Do all lives matter or is just the almighty dollar?

Call me jaded, but it doesn’t matter how loud we holler

The 40 acres and a mule didn’t work back then either

So why would twelve Benjamins do anything bigger?

But I’ll take it, if they give it, ‘cause something’s gotta give

And I’ll continue to strive with hope toward the life I want to live

With faith in God as my pilot, fear has no choice but to flee

My thoughts remain in my control, and I will sing and be free

I will sing a song for those who have no voice

Sing a song to let the world know we have a choice

Be free in your mind, meditate on peace

Allow yourself to be kind, and soon you’ll release

By Cynthia Rose

[Cynthia Portalatin]

APRIL 2020


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