• Linda Marie


what if deep inside everyone a mystery or

maybe a nature based identity

what if there’s a name beyond society or

a possible claim deeper than culture

what if there’s a spirit greater than ancestry or

a probable breath fresher than biology

what if turn of the century people remember

reincarnation as an everyday happening

what if we hold the hand of a child and live

as if we could remake the world

what if love is a behavior we embrace

like a pearl without a price

what if heavy things could fly with

the matrix music of our time

what if the now that does not pass away or fade

is a kind word that lights a candle

what if a circle poem nurturing the many as one

is an earthling singer of the future

what if every question holds all the answers

to finding hope in troubled times

what if cold goals no longer invite or excite

but a vision could most likely be voracious

turning dry communication into communion

what if we remember harmony as a gateway to grace

in the marriage of coincidence and connection

birthing a new frequency of synchronicity’s atunement

aligning with Mother Earth and her divine evolution

Linda Marie

1 Jan 2021


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