• Avis Veronica Simmonds


Look in the mirror and you will see me – you will know me

Two eyes we have, though we may see the world from our own life’s experiences – good fortune, misfortune, heritage, etc.

A nose we share, although differently shaped and we even inhale the same aroma surrounding us. Do you know me? Two hands we have, do we reach out, embrace and make peace within this world? We are not an island unto ourselves, we are people needing people.

Two feet we have; walking, jumping, skipping, traveling this land and we will pass by each other, should we not say hello? We are no different from each other, just have differences in character, bloodline, inheritance, socio-economic privileges, cultural upbringing and an individual mind set. Do you know me?

We travel here there and all over the lands of this Earth, moving in unison, waiting in lines, taking the planes, taking the buses, the trains going our separate ways on a skeleton so similar but differently shaped; eating similar foods though cook differently, yet enjoying it all. Do you know me?

We are skeletally connected with “bones, cartilages, ligaments and other tissues that perform essential functions for the human body …” We are all human Beings, we have pain, we know joy, and happiness, we know light and darkness. Do you know me?

We speak different languages, signs and symbols. But there is a universal language we know, the language of love, the language of music and we do, unequivocally understand each other. Do you know me?

And then life, like a fading flower we wither from this Earth dust to dust. Do you know me?

I bring you universal peace, because I know you and you know me. Let us fight for universal peace.

By: Avis Veronica Simmonds

Composed April 6, 2019


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