• Gordon L. Magill

Balancing Stones

Balancing stones

I go about

the countryside

so others will know

something of poetry

searching for the right ones 

that will stand


yet with others

this one – is it?

the shape is right

smooth and tapered

it will balance with others

not alone

but part of a whole

the quest never ends

searching for stones

in rivers and streams

on mountain trails

the stones have been

wating for aeons

shaped by water, ice

wind and sun

waiting for me

to find each one

to heft each one −

the heft, the shape

the feel in the hand

to try the balance

find the perfect fit

the right relationship

with the stone below

the right relationship

with the earth

the perfect point 

of gravity

finally poised 

in their obelisk

the stones are held

between heaven and earth

each one mute

together eloquent

as a poem

seeing this, the traveler

may find wonder 

or delight

may read the poem

the stones may speak

may be inspired 

to an act of grace

of kindness, humility,

generosity, love

I do not know or care

I merely go about

the countryside

balancing stones

© glmagill June 2020


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